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Jessie was sitting down on her golden bathtub, with her slim sexy legs dangling off on the side, relaxing and greatly enjoying the way the warm refreshing water felt against her light tanned naked body. She opened her eyes, having had them closed as she relaxed, and looked at the digital clock that was on top of the door leading to the bathroom, she smiled when she saw the time. She stayed submerged for a few seconds before she quickly resurfaced and stood up from the golden tub letting all the water flow down her smoking hot, athletic body. After most of the water dripped off her, Jessie got out of the bathtub and walked over to her giant three-panel mirror where she began drying herself off. After quickly drying off her naked body, Jessie moved on to her signature crimson red hair, after she was finished with that she looked at her own reflection and couldn't help but smile. First, she admired her flawless hourglass figure before moving to her flat slim stomach, next she pressed her huge double-D tits together making them seem even bigger than what they already were, and finally she turned around and looked at her big, nicely round ass. Jessie admired it for a few good seconds, even jumping up and down a few times making it clap, before she placed her hand on her left butt cheek and gave it a nice hard slap causing it to jiggle for a quick two-seconds. She turned back around, raised her hands to her hair, and began pretending she was in a photoshoot by doing a bunch of different erotic poses.

Ash has sex with jessieAsh has sex with jessie

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We come to a large mansion in Kanto surrounded by the forest where we see a 24 year old Ash Ketchum sitting in his living room watching tv relaxing wearing a blue muscle shirt and black shorts. He's changed alot over the years, he now stood six feet tall was lean and musculare like a swimmers body having tight muscles all over him sporting a six-pack cause of all the training he's done, he hair was still messy but had gotten longer to where it reached his shoulders and his brown eyes had a tint of blue in them showing power and wisdom from the aura training he went under. After he became a Pokemon Master Ash decided to take Scoff on his offer and become a Frontier Brain with it he had more money than ever which increased his already large bank account since becoming a Pokemon Master, got to expand his battle senses, and become a famous even more famous trainer. But even though he had a successful life, Ash found himself getting a little lonely wanting a female companion to greet him and love him when he came home after traveling a little while. That got Ash thinking of all the women he encountered and know throughout all his life, and wondered what life would be like if they were here right now. He was thrown out of his thoughts when he heard a shout coming from outside.
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Then I had another idea and I knew that Id be okay. Hopefully, wed be okay, too, but only time would tell about that. Checking my watch I saw it was almost time for dinner so I went out to the living room to help Rob.

He graded the students work while I entered the grades into the computer. Sowhat did you decide.

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It was every bit as thrilling as I had imagined. What made it even more exciting was the knowledge that she had tried unsuccessfully to maneuver me into a long-term relationship. Now, as we were fucking I wondered if I could trust her to be honest as to whether or not it was safe to cum in her. No, I decidedit wasnt going to happen. Id finished with my hand so many times one more wouldnt kill me.

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