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A multimedia franchise spawned from the Code Geass anime series. They fled to the American colonies and founded the Holy Britannian Empire, which expands to control over a third of the world, particularly after they invent Humongous Mecha. Oh, and there are the titular psychic powers involved. The main story focuses on Lelouch vi Britannia, an exiled prince of the empire who becomes the leader of a formidable rebel army fighting against the empire - and his own father, the emperor. Along with several canon spinoffs, Code Geass has produced an incredible amount of All There in the Manual content, which includes audio dramas, Picture Dramas and DVD-exclusive short stories that help flesh out the show's universe or expand on its characters. It has also garnered five Alternate Continuity manga and multiple games to date.

Code geass tv tropesCode geass tv tropes

Code Geass

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is a two-season anime television series that aired from to ; it takes place in an Alternate History timeline where the British Empire won the Revolutionary War , but lost a later European conflict against Napoleon who went on to conquer the British Isles and forced the Empire into fleeing to America. The British-controlled America evolved into the Holy Britannian Empire, which eventually gained control of over a third of the world. Seven years before the beginning of the show's main story, Britannia launched an invasion of Japan to secure that country's stocks of a rare mineral that makes a new power source possible. Britannia's army of powerful Humongous Mecha —the "Knightmares"— ended the conflict in short order. After the victory, Britannia stripped Japan of its autonomy, its national identity, and even its name. The Empire refers to conquered countries by a numerical designation based on when it conquered the territory; in this case, Japan became "Area 11" , and Britannians began referring to Japanese citizens as " Elevens ". In the present day, two childhood friends run into each other by chance after years of separation: Suzaku Kururugi and Lelouch Lamperouge.
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This movie provides examples of:

This is the character sheet concerning the main characters of Code Geass. The rival and best friend of Lelouch. Suzaku is a rather controversial character. Instead of following Lelouch's ideals to crush Britannia to save Japan, Suzaku opted to change Britannia from the inside, to help Japan, and he is willing to crush Japanese freedom fighters and terrorists in order to achieve this even those that share his ultimate goals, such as the Kyoto Group.
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One year after the events of Zero Requiem, the world has unified around the reorganized United Federation of Nations and regained the semblance of peace. However, following that peace is soon broken when Suzaku Kururugi, now operating as the masked man "Zero", and Nunnally vi Britannia are assaulted by a mysterious new Knightmare frame and kidnapped while visiting a refugee camp. In response, Schneizel el Britannia tasks Kallen Kouzuki, Lloyd Asplund and Sayoko Shinozaki with infiltrating the Kingdom of Zilkistan, a small country known as the Land of Warriors and one of the few countries that successfully drove off the Holy Britannian Empire, where Schneizel suspects Nunnally was taken. In the process, the group discover both a set of new geass users, and C. The film was released in Japan on February 9,
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