Guys doing splits

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Doing splits guys

Corners can obviously only ever go two ways — left or right — and most motorbike accidents are single vehicle accidents. This means the riders themselves are responsible for most of the crashes. Your current limit of flexibility is a self-imposed point. When unconscious, we are all capable of full splits, yet when awake our bodies sense impending danger to the muscles lengthening beyond this preconceived point and begin to tense up to prevent injury. That stiffness you feel when you stretch is all in your head and totally created by you. At extreme ranges the opposite will happen and the muscles will go completely slack. This action — the removal of all tension — is to allow the muscle to be as loose as possible and avoid further injury.

Guys doing splitsGuys doing splits

My Personal Results from the 90-days Splits Challenge

Have you ever been completely awed by the flexibility of a graceful ballet dancer or gymnast and thought to yourself, "I can't do that? No worries - this incredible feat of flexibility is within the grasp of almost anyone who's patient enough. By following a regimen of careful stretching, you too will eventually be able to do a split. Before doing a split, warm up with some easy cardiovascular activity for minutes and some light stretches involving your hamstrings, hips, and groin. Once you've warmed up, lower yourself down while relaxing and breathing deeply to get rid of any tension. For a side split, allow both feet to slide apart with your hands on the ground to brace yourself. If you're attempting a front split, let 1 leg slide forward while keeping the other leg behind you and your hands on either side of your body.
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Split (gymnastics)

A split commonly referred to as splits or the splits is a physical position in which the legs are in line with each other and extended in opposite directions. Splits are commonly performed in various athletic activities, including dance , figure skating , gymnastics , contortionism , synchronized swimming , cheerleading and yoga as exercise , where a front split is named Hanumanasana and a side split is named Samakonasana. A person who has assumed a split position is said to be "in a split" [1] or "doing the splits".
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